Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring! Time for a new purse!

New season, new accessories. I'm in search of the perfect Spring/Summer '09 purse that is versatile enough to be used for all daytime activities including work, lunches with friends and can be used dressed up or down. Not too pastel, not too much white and not too much shimmer...but a color that can go with practically anything. If it can also be transformed into a "night" purse then I'm sold.

I am partial to to the following brands: Coach, LV, Cole Haan, Juicy, Marc get the idea. Although I am open to any and all suggestions. Price matters but I'm looking at this as an investment. Especially if it's designer.

It needs to hold all my crap. Crap, equalling my planner, my notebook for "things," my wallet (hopefully it will match by new bag), my phone, my mase, my keys, my digital camera, chap stick, eye drops and lip gloss. Possibly a hair brush/comb but I haven't had one in my purse since H.S.

The kicker? I can't buy it until Easter.

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