Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hate it...

High waisted jeans. Why why why?!

Great white lie

On my favorite sitcom Arrested Development, one character Maebe lies for fun. At the tender age of 14 she takes a tour of a studio lot and through a hilarious series of events, convinces everyone that she's a studio head. Sometimes she quips "Okay, now I'm just lying for no reason...."

I have never been much of a liar. I was always told that it's easier to tell the truth because it always comes out in the end. I guess my qualm with all that has always been defining the difference between lying and twisting the truth. What's a white lie here and there if the truth doesn't matter anyway? Ignorance is bliss?

BF: "When did you stay at the Clarion?!?!?"

B.: "Uh...isn't that an eye drop?!!"

I'm such a bad liar.

I've never lied on a resume. It really only hurts yourself if you lie on a resume because then you're unable to complete a task you said you capable of. I have worded things in a way that makes me sound more special than I am. But is that lying?

"The truth needs so little rehearsal." -Barbara Kingsolver

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dipping your pen...

There are a few old adages that may suggest you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. The whole "poopin' where you nosh," or my favorite "don't dip your pen in the company ink" would prove to be disasterous scenarios no matter how you slice it. *Except in your case B.

Office relationships, or in my case, office crushes can be harmless....until one turns psycho. Never before did I talk to this person, I'd seen him around, but was never formally introduced, nor did I care. I wasn't interested. At all. I made small talk, he made big talk. Lots of big talk. He mentioned that he could get me into the hottest clubs in NYC...I knew he was full of poo.

Long story short, he asked me out, I said no, he got mad...and made up stories. He now refuses to work with me on projects and he got the big guys involved. I stated my side of the story, which, conveniently did NOT match his. I always remained the professional, he, however, did not: *Muttering "b*tch" under your breath when you walk past my cubicle is seriously the most immature, unprofessional and unattrative thing you can do. Yeah, now I really want to date him...HA!

Anywho, we have to work together on Friday. We'll see what happens.

P.S. I'm never giving out my phone number again, and if anyone asks...I'm a lesbian.

Good & great

In this blog about self centered blogging:

"Truly great leaders (level 5) share a number of mostly-common traits. One of them is crediting others (looking out the window) for success and taking responsibility (looking in the mirror) for failures."

When blogging for pleasure self-centered blogging is to be expected. When blogging for professional reasons, write what others want to read.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why get into a pissing contest with some no-name has been academia-ite who wants to stick her stubby nose into anything and everything she thinks she may have known something about at some time. The fact of the matter is that she wants to make everyone into a cookie cutter carbon copy of some overly book smart, street stupid imbecile who's only contact with the outside world is the walk to and from the library where they write heaps of papers on things that don't matter to anyone but themselves.

Where are my typos in that, b*tch?!

Work is fun, no?

When Life hands you lemons... make fucking lemonade. What if I want to make an awesome life, minus the lemonade? I've been doing a lot of complaining lately, mainly because nothing is coming very easily. I'm at a job that I feel is a dead end and I've had so many jobs in different fields that I have yet to find my niche. I should star in a reality show called "Finding my Niche..." I can try a bunch of different things and stick with the things I'm good at. Think of it like the Simple Life meets The Apprentice.

Or...I could have the life I always dreamed of (well, technically, not always...just recently is more accurate).

-I want a cute apartment (nice size, great location, near a park).

-A full time job planning events where I can make my own schedule
-The ability to freelance for a number of fashion, beauty and lifestyle mags (or just this blog becoming hella successful...whichever comes first) to which I would be inundated with free samples to try and report on.
-I want a dog. A boy. And he better be big.

-I want to hang out with my dog at home and work, I want to be able to take him to the park every day and he'll just chill at my feet when I'm on the computer or on the phone making the big bucks.

-I want to cook. Like REALLY cook. Make dinner every night for my significant other.
-I also want a fabulous wardrobe.

CariDee English, Cycle 7 winner of America's Next Top Model may have summed up life the best way I've heard in a long time.

"There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."

I'll settle for a 3rd floor walk up.


Being new to marketing makes understanding what exactly marketing is difficult. I know that I was born to meet people. I always thought, with my passion for writing, that it would be to write about them. Now as a marketing professional, I realize it's to know and network with them.