Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just One More

I'm not sure if I can do it. Take that one big step. I tend to cloud my mind and my life with things that don't allow me to focus on what's really important.

Avoiding reality? Possibly.

I find myself at a crossroads of sorts, both personally and professionally. I'm on a step where I can take one more and I can move on and work and focus on me, finally. I could also take one step back to revisit and perfect what was once familiar. I'm not sure which step, forward or backward, will make me happy. Perhaps neither. I guess that's the gamble I am going to have to take.

Life has a weird way of timing things. Right when you pick up your foot to take the step, the wind blows and throws you off balance, catching yourself you plant your foot back down on the same step to steady the world again.

My world is still a little wobbly. And I'm afraid to pick up my foot again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time, You Ain't No Friend of Mine

Dear Time,

Hey! What's up? I really wish we could sit down and chat real soon, because it seems like I am lacking you. I have been for quite some time, Time. You are very hard to manage and frankly...our relationship is starting to take a toll on my life. In essence, I wish I had more of you. Or maybe more of me to pass around. Between work, work # 2, yoga and my social life I don't have much of you left. But you know what I really think the problem is, Time, is that I have mismanaged you. I tend to be a people pleaser, and Time, well, you don't let me relish in my glory. Every minute of my days are controlled by you. Every action I take, I calculate you. Time, I think it's about time that we took a break. I think it's time for you to be a little more cooperative and help a woman out once in awhile. Maybe make the days longer, or help me say "no" to others when asked to do something or go somewhere. Time, I really need you to work with me here. Because, frankly, Time, you ain't no friend of mine.

Say "Hi" to your father for me.



Friday, April 17, 2009

How NOT to Interview

This site called "How to Nail an Interview" has some ridiculous footage of interviewees saying some of the silliest things during an interview with a potential employer.

This video is my favorite. Who admits to stealing office chairs?!

In addition to these humorous videos, there are some great tips for interviewees!

279 Days to Overnight Success

Click here Chris Guillebeau's guide to leading an unconventional life.

In this free PDF, Chris outlines how to become your own SUCCESSFUL boss. His site, The Art of Nonconformity, also has some kick ass tips on living, traveling and working. I'd suggest giving it a read.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Budget? What budget?!

Check out this article from the New York Post for great tips on saving cash.

Three things I'm going to try:
  • Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. Meghan Udell of shoestringmag.com, suggests following feeds that alert you to great sales. Two faves: @cheapcheapcheap and @bearabledeals. P.S.: Their Twitter is @shoestring.
  • BYO! Booze is always half the bill, says Post food writer Carla Spartos, so go to restaurants that let you bring your own, and remember how yummy $4 Boone's Farm is -- very yummy.
  • Call and complain to a cellphone supervisor. If anything on your bill riles you up, call to bitch, but here's the key: Ask to talk to a supervisor, or even better a "customer retention specialist." They want to keep you, and most companies are willing to play ball. Spartos did this with T-Mobile on increased text messages, and the higher cost was reduced immediately.

(*NOTE - this works on credit card providers too - if you're looking to lower your interest rate, call and emphasize that you love the company and have been with them for years but a 15% interest rate is way too high . Emphasize that you're a faithful customer who'd hate to leave, but you're just going to HAVE TO if nothing can be done about the interest. You may need to talk to a supervisor but remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so play nice!)

Another thing that I've found helpful is to look at everything you might buy in terms of hours worked. If you make $10, how many hours will you need to work to afford those $80 shoes? 8 hours?!? That's a whole day of work! Do you really need them? Or, if you can't NOT have those shoes...try the Ramen diet!

Job Hunting. With a Stick.

That is how I feel. Like I'm on some prehistoric quest for sustenance, alongside about a million other people with similar sticks, a bunch with knifes, a couple with arrows, and maybe one or two with guns. All I can do is hope that my little sharpened stick will get lucky and pierce some sort of life line.I need an edge. I came across a few sites catering to the stick wielding, and found them pretty helpful.

  1. Brazen Careerist has really helpful features.

  2. Coachology is my fave

  3. Collegegrad.com has a gigantic job database, and markets itself on being the "#1 entry level job site." They have career resources also, the basics -> resume, cover letter, interview, etc.

  4. Vault is a great resource, and it's free through certain schools (goto career resources and click "vault" in the right hand column. )
    They have company profiles, interview and resume help, and the Vault Online Career Library. The library is a database of Vault career and field guides can download for free. I bought one for 20$ a few days before I saw this. Sooo obnoxious.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I was completely unaware of the immense work and concentration that goes into each resume, cover letter, follow-up, interview, and thank you note. I envisioned mass emails, wielding my perfect resume, going out to periodicals across the country. The next day, an inbox bursting. I hope these sites offer a little help.
happy hunting,


p.s. Job hunting is stressful and can be depressing - I have a bag of Dove chocolates (the ones with little inspirations written inside the foil) I reward myself with after each resume I send out. Love yourself a little. <3

This is My Office Space

As I grow older with age (mind you, I'm 25) I find that High School Drama doesn't end in High School. It carries on through all walks of life, including adulthood and occurs your place of employment.

We have a "Boys Club," it's super exclusive which means you have to have a penis, huge muscles, a huge ego and no brain (or common sense) to be a member. They make all the decisions that go on here. So far, they've been lucky. But soon, I see that luck running out. Because with too much power, and the thought of relinquishing control (which was suggested by an expensive outsider) I see failure, and it's big.

I love my cubicle. It's in the front so I get to see everyone walking by and people stop and chat. It's nice. I've been sitting here for a year. I have my trusty sidekick who sits behind me and I would probably be bored to death with out her there.

Last Friday afternoon rolls around, I was called into Bitchglob's office and she tells me to sit down. Mind you, her baby was crawling around the building all day and she sat cooing at her in her office for 8 hours not doing a lick of work.

"I fight for your job EVERYDAY...everyday, everyday."

I had to stifle my laughter at her exclamation. She went on to explain that no one is safe yet from getting laid off, and that they want to move my cubicle to be closer to her office. She also added that it was brought to her attention that my sidekick and I "socialize" too much. And that upper management (The Boys Club) wants to separate us because they feel in upsets our work day. A B.S. excuse if you ask me, but I have no other choice right now.

Bringing me back to my earlier point, they are separating us like two chatty Kathy's in a classroom. But I'm about to graduate and move on to bigger and better.

Siyonara suckers.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Lucky Break

I'm really needing a lucky break right now. I'm at that crossroads in my life where I can go in a few directions, none of which I am positive I will be happy travelling on. For the first time in my life, I have no idea what I want. I also don't have a plan. It also doesn't help that the job market is in the pooper either.

Like Chandler Bing once told Rachel on Friends, "You need the fear!" The quote refers to Rachel wanting to find a new job after she realizes she's a terrible waitress, Chandler convinces her to quit her job before finding a new one to instill fear that she will go after what she really wants.

Although I would love to have "the fear" I am also responsible in the fact that I can't quit my job when I have bills to pay. I noticed I fell into this slump when I moved back into my mother's house after my 6-year relationship ended. I lost my focus, my drive, my ability to do for myself.

I've always been an ambitious person, but lately I can't focus on what I really want. (Hence why I repeated myself...)

By weeks end (or beginning, depends on how you view your weekends) I will come up with a plan.

Monica: "Who am I kidding, I don't have a plan!"
Pheobe: "I don't even have a 'pla...'"