Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Live life

Watching Sex and the City, I realize how many girls want to emulate SJP, et al. Blogger Julia Allison has described herself as the living incarnation of Carrie Bradshaw. Good for her. I'd rather be myself.

It's impossible to be exactly like someone else. Living life is the only way to figure out who you are. Falling face first into a pile of poo is a good lesson too. In my admittedly young life, I've come to realize that to actually learn things, I have to realize that I don't know them in the first place.

What girls fail to understand about SATC is that these women had lives and careers. The whole point of the show is that viewers caught glimpses, but not the whole. Carrie wrote and we saw a little of that, but the HBO version didn't show what it's like to have a massive case of writers block with a looming deadline.

Additionally, the show doesn't illustrate the tasks that the women had to do to become glamorous. We all want to be freelance writers who make enough dough to wear 600$ shoes. Or PR reps or curators of art galleries. Where does everyone think these super women came from? Some came from families with money, others worked and sweated and sacrificed to live thier dream career. How about Sex and the City: The Early Years, featuring big hair and shoulder pads. Now that spells a life well led to me.