Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Little Things

Thank goodness it's Hump Day. I'm not sure how much more I can take of this week.

I had it somewhat easy last week when Bitchglob was on vacation (nice, right?). This week is in a whole other realm. I have nothing to do. I repeat: NOTHING. For the past few months I have created my own work to do. Some would think that's an accomplishment and admirable. It's actually, more like, REVENGE.

Referring to a previous post, apparently my job gets fought for EVERYDAY. Really? How so? If you don't give me work to do, how are you exactly fighting for my job, sweetie? I've been proving myself time and time again that I deserve a job here without her help and frankly I'm tired of being treated unfairly and with no respect. If I'm really not that valuable why not lay me off? At least then I can collect unemployment and search for a better job. Albeit the pickin's are slim.

It's the little things that have turned into big things that has led me to the end of my rope. The moving of my office space, the condescending remarks, the non-existent workload, the pettiness and the fact that someone can get away with murder (of a PR campaign).

Only a matter of time.

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