Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Job, New Attitude

Dear Ladies of The Steps,

There were several moments in the last four months when I felt sure that things would never turn around for the better. Finally, the universe has pleasantly surprised me. I am headed back to the grind, back to work, back to reality.

Ironically, my new job has more to do with the ideals I founded myself on in college than any of the other jobs I've had. And I've had a few. I spent the last 2 years after school searching for the job that would jump start my career, only to settle for the jobs that offered instant gratification, instead of a lasting sense of accomplishment. I realized that was the case more often with my friends and colleagues than any of us would like to admit. A bittersweet truth that reiterates this year's theme: money trumps all.

The entire reason I veered from jobs related to my college major (journalism) after graduation was because I quickly learned that the pay scale was less than desirable. I felt I could use what I'd learned and what I was willing to learn to break out into marketing and advertising. As it turns out, I was able to, but only at the small price of completely losing sight of my goals. I forgot about the girl I was in college, the girl who actually loved school because I learned to be passionate about something. All this time I've known that the passion was still there, just buried under layers of disappointment over where I'd led myself.

While my new job is all thanks to a friend (as it turns out it IS all about WHO you know), I brought a part of myself to those interviews I hadn't seem come out of me in a long time. I see now that it was because this opportunity embodies everything I've been looking for. I will be able to use the skills I've developed in the last 2 years of working as well as feel personally invested in the job on a daily basis. And let's be honest, we're not always connected to our work the way we wish we were. What's funny is I was always trying to convince myself before that I loved my job, that it was exactly what I wanted even though I always woke up dreading the day ahead.

Now, I am almost relieved that I lost my job, and spent the last 4 months confused, concerned, and lost. If for nothing else, because I can't wait to go to my first day of work and start over with a new attitude.


Blake, "The Steps" Contributor


Hope Chella said...

I like your outlook :) xx

Rhiannon Nicole said...

ahhh!! whats the new job?! stupid journalism :) Im there haha

Just Jay said...

I've always said it's who you know that get's your foot in the door, it's what you know that seals the deal!